Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tennessee is on the right track.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee House voted Thursday to allow people with handgun carry permits to transport loaded rifles and shotguns in their vehicles.

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Representatives voted 82-10 to pass the bill sponsored by Rep. Henry Fincher, D-Cookeville, who said the change is needed to bring the law into line with what he called "common rural practices."

"We've had handgun carry permits in this state, I believe, since 1994," said Fincher. "People have been carrying (weapons) in restaurants like the Golden Corral. The Golden Corral hasn't turned into the OK Corral yet."

Under current law, rifles and shotguns are considered loaded if ammunition is in the "immediate vicinity" -- even if the chamber of the weapon is empty.

That means hunters and farmers are technically in violation if they carry both guns and ammunition in the cabs of their pickup trucks, Fincher said.

"We have a whole population of folks that don't even know they're breaking the law," Fincher said. "We have a law that doesn't make common sense and is therefore at odds with common rural practices.

"I think if we trust people to carry firearms like that, it's not a big extension to let them have it in their vehicle," said Fincher. "Certainly, safe gun practice would be to not chamber your weapon and drive around with it."

Several lawmakers voiced concerns that Fincher's bill would only apply to people who have active handgun carry permits. Rep. Craig Fitzhugh said only about 3 percent of people in his county have handgun carry permits but estimated that more than 60 percent go hunting.

"I have probably done that 1,500 times, putting a shotgun in the seat and a box of shells or a shell bag in the seat as well," said Fitzhugh, D-Ripley.

Rep. Johnny Shaw, D-Bolivar, said he will see if he can change a bill he is carrying to expand the law change to people who don't have handgun carry permits.

Fincher said he tied his proposal to people holding handgun carry permits because they require background checks and safety training, which will weed out criminals and people likely to engage in nighttime "road hunting."

All 10 votes against the bill came from urban Democrats.

"I really don't see what the problem is with keeping your gun in your car and the ammunition in the trunk," said Jeanne Richardson, a Memphis Democrat who voted against the bill. "It is a much safer plan, which is probably why we have this law to begin with."

Fincher said he had no information available on how many arrests have been made because of the current definition of loaded weapons.

"I think law enforcement knows the difference between road hunters and duck hunters," Fincher said.

Rep. Brenda Gilmore said that the gun talk is a detour from what constituents are more concerned about.

"I think it's clear that the citizens want us to focus our time and our energies on creating jobs and getting people back to work, and we are spending them on abortions and guns," said Gilmore.

Also Thursday, the House voted 89-1 on another bill sponsored by Fincher to underscore people's right to use deadly force if they are threatened with bodily harm in situations like carjackings and business break-ins.

The chamber also voted 88-2 to bar the state Safety Department from collecting identifying information about handguns used in training courses for carry permits.

Rep. Joshua Evans, R-Greenbrier and the bill's main sponsor, said the motivation for the bill came after the department temporarily asked applicants to submit serial numbers for the guns they used.

The companion bills for all three measures have yet to be scheduled for consideration in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Good for Tennessee! Now we need to convince 49 other states to pass the same bill in their state.


Anonymous said...

Sign, I really loved this thread on Tenn. First of all I happen to live approximately 5-10 mins. from Cookeville, TN. It's a small city which has roughly 70,000 residence and the city actually is a lot of stuff in it. But this area in middle tenn. is mainly cattle farms. My city has like 4000 people and then over 250K head of cattle.

Everyone has at least one gun in these parts. And the Memph. representative said she didn't see why people can't put ammo in the trunk (locked) and the gun in the car. Well, this idiot should realize not every has a vehicle that has a trunk. Many pick ups here. I drive a SUV which has not real trunk locking area. Where, I live and your property is outside of the city limits and you have at least an acrer of land. You're permitted to shot any gun on your property. You just need to be responsible. As if the far end of your property is more than likely next to a cattle farm. And you see some cattle grazzing. Then people respect and don't shot on their land. As to not harm any animals. In fact I have 10 acres of land and 3 of it is cleared off. And I shot my shotgun and handguns on my land all the time. My point being. Is all the people in these parts are truly responsible gun owners. And our crime rate is partically nothing. The biggest problem is bored teenagers who might do some vandalism. We haven't had a murder in my city in over 32 years.

I recently re-located here due to a job promotion. I work in Nashville which is a nice city. My commute takes anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hr and 15 mins. My family could've lived closer. But, we wanted to live in a rural area. For the reasons I mentioned above, as well as the quality of living. Everyone pretty much knows one another or someone who knows you. People here are always willing to help and assist others. Something you just don't see anymore. And we initially came from the miami area. Which is great if you're staying at a resort. But, Miami is nothing but a cespol of shit now.

Wasn't sure How I would take rural living. And my wife and I decided to give it a year and would move closer to the city if we didn't like it. Well, being here now since Nov. 2008, we love it and made the right decision. If we want a night in the city or fine dining or shoppin. We're an hour from Nashville. And cookeville does have the big house movie theater, a mall and all the big box retailers and so forth. So, we can pretty much have whatever we want or need. And still live in a peaceful and quiet environment. I wish I was promoted sooner to this opportunity. My kids love it here. My son is learning to be responsible with guns. Has taken classes and practices with me. He and my daughter can freely take their ATV's out and have a fun time. Too many people judge southerners and rural living. Many would be surprised how wonderful it is to live like this. And I discovered that it will be southerners who will bring America back to what it was and save the idiots who live in LA or NY.

Tennessee, is a very conservative republican state. Outside of Memphis, the state is mostly rural. I am with you on many things you say. Keep up the excellent work.

Unlawful_Sign said...

Yeah, I'm a country boy raised in the hills and have the fundamental values that most good Americans have. Thanks man.