Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tallest building in North America belongs to the Brit's?

Talk about some bullshit. The "Sears Tower" was sold to a British insurance company, and if that don't beat all they're changing the 36 year old American icon to "The Willis Tower". Whatever! hand it to the British to rename American ingenuity. As far as I am concerned it'll always be the "Sears Tower". "WE HAVE TO MANY FOREIGNERS AS IT IS"!!!


SweetLady_Tiger said...


I saw your comment about the Glen Beck show in Pat's blog and decided to talk to you here. Yes, I watched it and watched the webcast after. It was great wasn't it?

Unlawful_Sign said...

Did you see the Cincinati tea party on the news Tiger? Big turn -out.

SweetLady_Tiger said...

Yes, its great. Had one here in Okieland too.

Unlawful_Sign said...

They're sprouting up everywhere i guess.

Joseph Chow-Lee said...

China owns 63% of the American Economy; United Arab Emirates owns all American Ports, and now the British own the tallest building on the continent.

Fox News just announced that the American Government is drafting an amendment to declare that the good ol'US of A is officially BANKRUPT.

Go wave your flag now.

Unlawful_Sign said...

I'll wave my flag in a bomb raid!