Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Looks like Mr. and Mrs. Obama are going Hollywood (Holly-weird) for their White house state dinner. I wonder if Sean Penn and his boyfriend Hugo Chavez are going to attend. I bet all the liberal Hollywood elite will be there like Ashton Demi, oh wouldn't that be nice? to pieces of liberal shit sucking up to the chosen one and brown nosing Michelle Obama the whole time. I hope the President remembers all the people out of work while he sits down and feeds his Hollywood, liberal jerk offs to a nice dinner prepared by the tax payers. Obamas better enjoy his little fairy like tale party because in 2012 he wont be chillin in the White house he'll be out on his ass but the country by then will be so screwed by then it wont matter whose the next Pres. we'll all be broke and a former shell of what we use to be.